"My daughter has been at Holy Angels for the past 2 years and I cannot recommend them enough. Everything they do is child centred, putting the needs of the children at the heart of everything they do. My daughter's confidence in speaking and communicating has improved tenfold since she has been attending the preschool and this is down to the time and patience that the staff has provided to her. She's so excited for every day that she has at nursery and every afternoon she comes out so happy to tell us all about the exciting things she's been up to that day. One of my favourite parts of the care Holy Angels provide is the incredible opportunities the children have to learn about any interest they have. One thing that will always stick in my mind is the day that some children showed an interest in cows and the next thing you know, we have an update that a pretend cow had been made and the children had been learning how to milk it using a glove as the udders! I think this goes to show the creativity and passion that all the Holy Angels staff hold and how amazing they are at enriching the experiences the children have at nursery. I'm so sad my daughter will be leaving them for school in September and I know she will be too!" Angie, thank you to you and all your staff for everything you've done for my child over the last 2 years.
May 2022 (all day)

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