Here you can see our latest news, plus older news covering the last six months.

29 November 2023
You have probably heard your child answer 'nothing' when asked what they have been doing at pre-school today. Well come and see them 'doing nothing' during a Stay and Play morning, week beginning 11th December 2023. There is a timetable up on the notice board in pre-school, please add your name to s suitable day and time slotRead more
29 November 2023
Week beginning 11th December 2023 2pm, parents are invited to come and listen to your child singing the Christmas songs we have been so busy practising over the last few weeks. Join us for a mince pie, clotted cream and a cuppa.Read more
29 November 2023
No doubt you have heard your little one answer 'nothing', when you ask them what they have done in pre-school. Well, here's an opportunity for you to come and see them 'doing nothing'. Please join us for a stay and play morning session, during week beginning 11th December. Just add your name to a suitable time and day on the timetable on the parents notice board.Read more
2 November 2023
Holy Angels Pre-school will be closed on Thursday 30th November to enable all staff to attend an Early Years Conference - 'Relationships Build Resilience'. Breakfast and After School Club will still be available on the 30th, for pupils from Our Lady of the AngelsRead more
2 November 2023
Welcome back for the second half of the autumn term 2023. This is always our busiest term. We will send out a list of diary dates for this term via our FAMLY app. Please note, during the last week of term, we will be holding stay and plays and also a Christmas song performance with mince pies and cream (who can resist a mince pie!)Read more
11 September 2023
We reopen for the autumn term 2023 on Wednesday 6th September. We look forward to welcoming the children old and new. We hope you enjoy your little treat bagRead more
22 June 2023
Unfortunately, we had to cancel our sports day on 23rd June. The new date is Wednesday 12th July, 9.15am - 10.30am. Further information will be sent out via FAMLYRead more
29 September 2023
If you are interested in a place for your child in Holy Angels Pre-school, please follow this link .Read more
14 April 2023
'Children positively flourish, in this exceptional setting' Our report is now available for you to read on the Ofsted website here .Read more