Your child's safety is extremely important to us and we take this duty very seriously.  We need to know who is in the building at all times, which is why we have a keypad entry system and will be installing a camera at the gate entrance.  If anyone other than a nominated person is going to collect your child it is vital that you let us know.  We will need their name, description, relationship to your child and agree a password with them and our staff.  If you do not follow this procedure, we may have to refuse to let your child leave the premises until you come and collect them - if in doubt we will always put safety first.


We have a strict no mobile phone policy and only preschool cameras are used to photograph the children at play.  Photo's are printed on site for use in the building.


Hand washing, cleaning rotas, toileting and nappy procedures keep our children as safe as possible from germs. Hand gel is used in every room as well as soap and water, and the children learn about hygiene from the staff, who are great role models for them.

Equipment and health & safety procedures

Regular risk assessments ensure that our resources, furniture, hallways and outdoor space are kept safe for our children. 

Regular emergency evacuation drills teach the staff and children how to leave the building quickly, should the need arise. To ensure no one becomes complacent, these drills are carried out on different days and times each month.

All of our staff have regular safeguarding training, we have nominated Safeguarding Officers and our strict safeguarding procedure protects children at all times.

We want your child to have a fun, happy and safe time at Holy Angels. We regularly review our policies and procedures and bring them up to date as necessary.