Focussed weekly planning


The National Strategies document states: "It is in the moment of curiosity, puzzlement, effort or interest - the 'teachable moment' - that the skilful adult makes a difference". Teachable moments are about recognising that children often learn in an unconscious way during casual or less formal interactions.

The focus weeks are an opportunity for the staff to observe and interact with the children in their daily play, looking out for 'teachable moments' in which they can make a difference. Such interactions with the focus children are then recorded on a sheet of A4 paper and added to their leaning journal. Staff will add photographs each week , to your child's online journal, with a heading of the activity the child is engaged in. Following a child's focus week they will also add the observations and photos taken that and a future focus.

The week before each half term your child's keyworker will use all of the information gathered during the previous weeks to support their assessment of whether a child is emerging, developing or secure in their appropriate age band. This will then ensure staff are aware of any gaps appearing in a child's development or whether a child is above age related expectations.