Parents Early Years And Learning (PEAL)

Parents / Guardians are the most important educators in a child’s life.  We believe that good quality relationships between parents, practitioners and children are fundamental and need to be developed before anything else can happen. These relationships need to be built on respecting and valuing each other’s contribution, and embedded in principles of equality and diversity. If these relationships are developed well, communication will flow backwards and forwards between settings and home. This will lead to genuine learning partnerships and to confident parents and staff, enabling them to provide continuity for the child. This continuity will allow parents and staff to really get to know individual children, and this will enable planning to take place which will provide further continuity for the child.  Quality relationships enable knowledge to be communicated between the setting and home. Communication helps to enable parents and staff to work together in a genuine partnership to provide positive learning environments for each child. 

We do not operate a parent rota system; however parents are welcome to stay and help at any session for all or part of the session. This gives parents/carers the opportunity to take an active part in the pre-school and to see their child within the pre-school environment.   

We are always grateful for parents support on any trips or visits we undertake.

 Parents are welcome:

  • to work in the group with the children
  • to assist with fundraising
  • to attend Pre-school committee meetings 
  • to represent the pre-school at branch and county activities of the Pre-school Learning Alliance
  • to attend open meetings of the Pre-school Learning Alliance 
  • to attend training courses, workshops and conferences organised by the Pre-school Learning Alliance.