We are very lucky to have a member of our team who has trained as a Thrive mentor. Kirsty Batten completed her Thrive training in May 2013. 
Thrive is a programme which focuses on a child’s emotional development.

We use many aspects of Thrive in our daily routine.

We use it to:

  • increase a child’s self esteem
  • support a child to recognise, name and think about their emotions
  • give a child choice and control of their behaviour
  • increase a child’s emotional capacity for learning
  • provide a child with strategies to cope with difficult emotions

We focus on 3 development strands:


  • Being Special
  • Safety 
  • Having needs met


  • Explore safely
  • Experience doing
  • Learn options 


  • Think about feelings
  • Learn cause and effect
  • Express a view 

We also offer tailored plans for individual children who are experiencing different challenges either at Pre-school or at home and parenting courses for parents who may need support a little extra support.