Holy Angels Preschool allocates each child and their family a key worker. We believe it is important for the child and their family to have a main point of contact within the preschool.
A key workers role is to support a child when they are away from their home, to give them consistent, continuous care that will foster confidence and positive self esteem and help the child feel safe and secure both emotionally and physically.
A key worker will:

  • Share a child's online journal with their parents
  • Communicate regularly with the child's parents
  • Answer any queries that a parent may have
  • Offer re-assurance, informing the parent of their child's progress
  • Ensure the families are provided with all the necessary information

A good working relationship between parents and carers depends on open and regular communication that acknowledges the contribution of both parties to ensure that there is continuity of care for the child.  The role is a very important one and is established within the Early Years Foundation Stage.  Research  and evidence show that children thrive when their needs are met by people that they know, trust and respect.